Adults and children transforming their lives through employment and life skills training.
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The first step in the StepUp process is employment. Twice a month, we offer a weeklong, Employment Training Workshop that teaches you how to get back in the game. 

1. Show up Monday at 8:00 a.m. and stay until 4 p.m. each day of the week.

2. Learn skills needed to find a job and keep it, such as:

  • Networking
  • Resume writing
  • How to dress appropriately
  • Interview preparation

3. Celebrate with your friends and family at a graduation ceremony on Friday.

4. Work with your employment counselor to get a job.

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After you have been through our Employment Training Workshop, our Employment Team will work with you to land the job. ENER-G, offered every other week, motivates job seekers to use the skills you have gained to secure employment.

1. Show up Wednesday morning.

2. Meet with your employment counselors to discuss possible job leads.

3. Work with volunteers to edit resumés and practice interview skills. 

4. Interview with a highlighted employer to get hired on site.

5. Get access to a valuable resource organization who is on site to help.

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After you have gained employment, we invite you to join our year-long Life Skills program. This program inspires lasting change with the goal of long term stability in all aspects of life. 

1. Show up every Tuesday or Wednesday night for one year.

2. Eat dinner.

3. Get incentives for showing up.

4. Take classes like budgeting, managing emotions, goal setting, conflict resolution.

5. Work with your staff case manager and co-partner, who serves as a mentor.

6. Celebrate your success at graduation!

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StepUp's Children's Program is designed to teaching resiliency, promote school advocacy, and empower children to be their best!

1. Bring your child(ren) with you on Tuesday or Wednesday nights.

2. Drop your children off for their own separate program, where they will:

  • Eat dinner.
  • Play games and do fun, structured activities.
  • Get homework help, gain exposure to the arts and etiquette, and more!
  • Learn the same life skills as you, on age-appropriate levels.

3. Celebrate their success at graduation!

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Real World supports young adults, ages 16-21, to achieve your goals through mentoring and teaching. 

1. Show up on Tuesday nights.

2. Eat dinner.

3. Set goals. 

4. Accomplish those goals alongside your peers.

5. Make a plan for your future.

6. Celebrate your success at graduation!

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Our Alumni Program seeks to maintain a relationship with StepUp Alumni to offer continued support. 

1. Show up on Thursday nights.

2. Eat dinner.

3. Improve communication skills.

4. Develop your career.

5. Stay connected to the StepUp network. 


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