G.G.'s Closet

Since G.G.’s Closet has officially “opened for business” all the men who have attended StepUp’s Jobs Week have been outfitted with interview suits, shirts, ties and shoes.

Carolyn Johnson and Ann Hanley, co-founders of G.G.'s Closet, have witnessed a sense of pride and self-confidence in the men as they receive their interview clothing. They have realized the importance of being able to present yourself with confidence and pride when interviewing for a job.


G.G.’s Closet continues to receive donations from individuals, as well as businesses like SRI Shoe Warehouse, Men’s Kloset, Bargain Box, and JCPenney.

GG's Closet accepts ONLY men's business attire including suits, blazers, dress pants, dress shirts, dress shoes, ties and belts. We are especially in need of sizes 38-39, and sizes 50 and over. 

To donate, please bring all clothing on hangers to the StepUp Ministry Office. 


Questions? Contact Carolyn or Ann:

carolynjohnson43@aol.com | ashanley@mindspring.com