The Real World

In StepUp Ministry’s Real World program, we provide support to young adults ages 16-21 seeking to achieve their goals. Along with personal goal attainment we promote four main program objectives (we call these objectives the "core 4"):

  1. Understand and exemplify personal responsibility in daily decision-making
  2. Value and pursue continued post secondary educational opportunities
  3. Enhance and Strengthen communication and interpersonal skills
  4. Develop basic and some advanced professionalism skills

We achieve these goals by providing a safe environment for the young adults.  Our curriculum is designed to fit the young adults' learning styles and includes interactive activities and qualified guest speakers.  We partner our young adult participants with caring adult volunteers who serve as an additional level of support and the young adult's accountability partner. 




The world is the shore and you are the sea, as many times as you are pushed away, fight back with more force than before. That's what I learned from StepUp.

Amy Galan

StepUp Real World Graduate, college student (middle)