Stay connected.

Step Three provides continued support in our network. As you improve communication skills and develop your career, we want you to be an ambassador. Tell others about your experience with us and help us recruit new participants.

Our Alumni Program seeks to maintain a relationship with StepUp Alumni to offer continued support. 

1. Show up on Thursday nights from 5:45 until 8:15 p.m. Bring your child(ren) with you for their own separate programming.

2. Eat dinner and fellowship with other StepUp alumni, staff, and volunteers.

3. Improve communication, leadership, and public speaking skills through membership in Toastmasters International.

4. Enhance and develop your career through free Wake Tech courses.

5. As an ambassador, mentor new alumni, share your experience, and help recruit new participants.

6. Stay connected to the StepUp network with ongoing opportunity and resources for building your career. 



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