StepUp Children Cure End of Summer Blues with New Foods


The Children’s Program recently finished their summer field trip outings and is now focusing on the upcoming school year. We are always trying to expose our children to new and exciting things to create a fun learning environment. This month we had the pleasure of hosting a talented young lady who works in the culinary arts named Carmen. Carmen wanted to introduce the children to bold flavors and new ingredients. Her goal was to teach the children how to prepare quick, healthy meals with food readily available in the kitchen. It's not uncommon to find ourselves coming home from a long day of work or school with little time to prepare a meal. To learn how to overcome this, each child had the opportunity to construct a tasty meal using the ingredients available to them in the classroom. Carmen taught the children to concoct a quick, delicious meal that satisfies both our hunger and time constraints. This was our first time introducing the children to cooking. Everyone enjoyed their experiences, though, and we are planning to cook with the children more often!