Lessons in Etiquette return to StepUp


School is almost out, and the children’s program has a lot to look forward to this summer!  

Ms. Donna is back to share her lessons in etiquette, and our children are eager to incorporate her positive changes in their lives. Ms. Donna’s goal is to turn our little girls into young ladies and our little boys into gentlemen by teaching proper manners. Each child will learn basic table etiquette, self-confidence, assertive communications, presentation skills and positive attitudes.  

We are excited to provide our children with these fundamental skills that will last for a lifetime and help provide the confidence that every child and young person deserves. We are grateful to the Carolina Hurricanes for their sponsorship of the Children’s Program, which has made this important instruction possible.

You just never know what will take place in the Children’s Program, so make sure you keep up with us this on this hot summer!

Etiquette May 2019 news.jpg