StepUp Spotlight: Mitch Coles

Mitch Coles.jpg

The Employment team is excited to recognize Mitch Coles, who completed our weeklong employment workshop back in February. Mitch came to the program with exceptional skills and experience in the IT industry, but was having a hard time connecting with the right opportunities.

After completion of the employment week, Mitch stayed connected with the Jobs team. He attended other StepUp workshops to hone his skills and utilized the StepUp program to extend his network. Most importantly, he continued to build confidence in the skills he possessed. He never stopped engaging and pushing forward with his career goals. This persistent drive landed Mitch a life-changing opportunity with Cisco Systems as a desktop publisher. 

These are encouraging words directly from Mitch:

“I do thank the StepUp Ministry for helping me with my confidence, sharpening my skills and even understanding and learning about individuals with criminal backgrounds. I don’t have one but I KNEW that information was greater than myself. I was able to share some of those things that I’ve learned in that class with others who do have one. Overall, my resume was revamped because of you guys, my confidence and my ability to have more range to look for different things. So again, thank you. Thank you all at StepUp Ministry.”