StepUp Spotlight: LeaAndra Faulkner


LeaAndra Faulkner, a 2018 Life Skills Graduate, is very creative and is compassionate about assisting those who are in need. She and her daughters crochet sleeping mats out of plastic grocery bags for the homeless population and distribute them to individuals.

LeaAndra Faulkner, a native of Baltimore, MD, currently works as a Certified Nurse Assistant. When she came to StepUp, she was seeking an opportunity to improve her life by making necessary changes that would positively impact her and her family. She is a mother of two beautiful girls, Joelle and Johanna.

LeaAndra began her Life Skills journey on January 3, 2018 and graduated on December 13, 2018. She has not gone anywhere, and we love seeing her each week in our Alumni Program.

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