New Year, New Energy


The new year has brought an amazing start for the employment team. Along with adding a few great new employers to the roster, our Bi-weekly ENER-G program provided a space for over 10 participants to have face to face interviews with the employers’ present. One of the highlights from the start of this year comes from the most recent employment week, were 9 amazing individuals graduated. The class from last week was filled with individuals from all different walks of life, but had one common goal of finding employment opportunities. 

As the class made their journey through the week, they discovered much more than an opportunity for a job; they discovered hope. This hope was reflected on the last day of class, when the participants decided to stand up and speak about how their lives were changed in just one week. The employment team pushes forward to ensure that every class that follows, receives this same hope. Hope to move forward, and achieve every goal each participant sets for themselves. 


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