I am not a procrastinator. But, this letter was supposed to be completed a week ago. 

My heart is sad. After three years at StepUp, I am leaving. 

My 1,195 days have been eventful. 

  • We raised $4,661,883 (but who is counting?) 

  • We served 625 children and young adults who learned a lot of important life skills but who were also simply fed a warm meal, given a big ‘ol hug and told that they were loved and special every week for a whole year by StepUp staff.

  • My son started a new daycare and Art Ross put me back together after an emotional drop off.

  • 1,000 people got jobs…and 97% of them were still working six months later. 

  • I had an emergency appendectomy and Facetimed with my StepUp family from the operating room…(Truth)

  • Judy Bright taught us the importance of teamwork, philanthropy, how to clap!!- and so much more…

  • My husband and I had a daughter and Linda Nunnallee brought us dinner on our first night home from the hospital.

My heart aches with gratitude for what I have learned and what I have been given at StepUp Ministry. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this mission.

I cannot wait to be a volunteer. 


Mary Allison

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