Alumni in the Digital Age

Kramden Digital Literacy Class

Alumni parents and teens were part of an exciting Digital Literacy Class which they attended for six weeks. Upon completion of the program, each family received two computers for their home. Topics covered included: basic use of computers, internet security, software and hardware, and financial freedom (taught by Coastal Federal Credit Union).

This program was sponsored by a grant through Coastal Federal Credit Union. This grant was made possible through our community partnership with Kramden Institute. 

In addition, our StepUp Speakers Circle elected new offices for the 2018-2019 Club Year.

The Club recently received a Smedley Ribbon for its efforts to recruit and retain members. 

Club Officers:

President: Maxine Terry

VP Education: Tyshone Peterson

VP Membership: Mercedes Ortiz

VP Public Relations: Hind Laraj

Secretary/Treasurer: Elaine Bryant-Donigan

Sergeant at Arms: Joe Ortiz


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