StepUp Spotlight: Jerry Holder


Toney Picture.jpeg

In 2017, Jerry Holder walked through the doors of StepUp, looking for a life changing opportunity. After completing the employment week, he found that opportunity when we assisted him in landing a position at one of StepUp’s most supportive employers. Fast-forward about 10 months, Jerry continued to work hard and stayed dedicated to his position at the StepUp employer. There was one issue, Jerry needed full time work to support his self and his daughter. Although the employer created a good opportunity for Jerry by giving him a chance for employment, they did not have the full time hours Jerry needed at this point in his life.


Jerry reached back out to the team, for assistance in finding a position that offered full-time hours. After patience and continued hard work, Jerry received a call to go on an interview at Penders Antiques. Following the interview the employer offered Jerry a position on the spot. Being the professional that Jerry is, he thanked the employer for the opportunity and let them know he needed to give his current employer a 2-week notice before starting. Jerry worked his 2 weeks, and started his wonderful full time position at Penders Antiques. Jerry’s story is an example of what hard work, dedication, and professionalism will get you. Jerry assured the team that he would continue to leap out on faith, and never stop seeking opportunities to grow and be successful in life.


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