StepUp Spotlight: Charles Pope

Charles Pope

Has anyone ever given you a recommendation for something, and you seem apprehensive about it? Yet, once you finally made a committed decision to take the first step, you realized it was a great opportunity!

A similar experience happened to Charles Pope. One of Charles’ friends recommended him to attend the Employment Workshop Training Week several times until he finally said yes.

Once Charles completed the Employment Workshop, he left feeling renewed, positive, and ready to move forward with his goals. Before that, Charles ran into some personal challenges that left him feeling depressed and hopeless. The positive vibes, encouragement, and indispensable employability tools forged him into his next chapter.

Charles was seeking a position that would fit his availability, personality, and personal preferences as well as align with the company needs.

I am happy to announce that Charles is working at Christ Church as a security officer. Both he and the employer are very pleased.


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