Life Isn't Always a Crystal Stair

Selena Walker

StepUp alum Selena Walker will tell you, in the words of Langston Hughes, that her life hasn’t been a crystal stair.  At an early age, she lost family members and loved ones, which resulted in her learning to self-manage grief and loss. 

Her passion was often viewed as having an attitude. She shared that as a child, she was often told that she should become an attorney because she loved to argue. Selena’s passion was in fact a form of protection. 

While in Life Skills, she was able to connect with her feelings and sort through her emotions. As a 2015 Life Skills graduate, years later Selena is still setting and achieving goals. 

She has completed her Associates Degree and is on course to obtain her Bachelors. Her most recent “joy” is that she’s secured employment within the Criminal Justice System earning over $15 per hour! 

Our Life Skills program is 48 weeks but the skills acquired last a lifetime!


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