Brothers & Big Influencers

Paul and Silas Hunter

The Real World is a program for young adults ages 16 to 21 years old. Our goals for each young adult is for them to develop professionalisms skills, enhance and strengthen communication and interpersonal skills, value and pursue post secondary educational opportunities, and for them to understand and exemplify personal responsibility in daily decision making.

Over last year we had an excellent examples of these core values develop in two young men.  Silas and Paul Hunter enrolled in the Real World together as brothers.  Throughout the year they were able to be a big influence in the Real World, by actively recruiting young adults to be a part of our program, along with achieving their personal goals. It was truly a pleasure being apart of their journey.

I believe that they are both moving towards a positive adulthood. We celebrated their accomplishment during our graduation in December. I wanted to take a moment and thank them for being apart of our StepUp Family.


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