StepUp Spotlight: Nikolas Wright



In 2007, Nikolas Wright and a friend both applied for employment with several employers, simultaneously. His friend, subsequently, got hired, relatively quickly.  However, Nikolas, who had been seeking stable employment for an extended number of years, did not have the same results. After self-evaluation, Nikolas noted that the one difference between himself and his friend was the friend had completed a weeklong Employment Workshop at StepUp Ministry.

He made the decision to enroll himself, and, after completion, Nikolas revisited one of those employers he’d applied to previously and secured employment.  Nikolas is now a certified HVAC Installer with Newcomb & Company where he has worked for the last 10 years! He recently reflected that, “…the skills I obtained and the things I learned made a difference. That one week class changed the rest of my life.”

When individuals step IN, WE Step UP!!


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