Hard Work Pays Off


The NC Licensing Board for General Contractors contacted the Employment Team a year ago to fill a temporary approver position. The contract was supposed to last for just 90 days, just through their busy season.

When Ethel Lennon came through the Employment Training Workshop, she had been working as a part time Cashier at NC State University for a year. While she was grateful to be employed, she was looking to reenter the Data Entry career field.

Understanding that the position was temporary, Ethel went in and excelled at the position. She was offered a full-time position at the end of the season. Recently, Ethel was promoted and given her own office! We are so proud of Ethel for her accomplishments.

We are grateful to have employers like the NC Licensing Board for General Contractors who create wonderful employment opportunities. They have hired two more StepUp Ministry participants since adding Ethel to their staff. Here’s to a long and prosperous partnership!

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