Barriers Busted


Each Employment Week there is a room full of individuals determined to utilize every tool they have learned during the week to not only land the job, but also to provide for their family, strengthen their community, and be the best possible version of themselves.

Brandon Anderson was already doing all of those things, but the lack of reliable transportation and a criminal background were creating barriers to employment.

One of the main goals Brandon shared was his desire to provide for his son. It was clear how sincere that desire was by the determination Brandon showed as he enhanced his interview skills and partnered with his Employment Counselor on his journey towards stability.

Unfortunately, Brandon faced a tragic loss shortly after Jobs Week. Instead of letting that deter him from accomplishing his goals, he used it as a driving force to continue going forward.

He has been working at Royce Company, where his employer has been very impressed by the work ethic and positive attitude that Brandon brings to the workplace.

And his dedication does not stop there. Brandon serves the non-profit organizations Unity in the Community, Justice Served, and Sleeping Giants in some capacity.

He constantly puts into action the words, “You are only as strong as the people you surround yourself with.” By serving in his community, he is ensuring that the community will be as successful as he is.

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