One Step at a Time - StepUp Sunday at WMPC

The sun shined on the StepUp Ministry family on Sunday, January 15 as we gathered at White Memorial Presbyterian Church. 

Thank you Elaine, Brianna, Taneisha, and Jamie for sharing your inspiring stories of courage, tenacity and faith with more than 700 people in the pews and thousands around the world.

At StepUp Sunday, a common thread, woven throughout each person’s story is the incredible desire to change something big in his or her life. 

  • To have a vision of what can be.
  • The courage to leave what is known and familiar behind. 
  • The faith to accept transition in order to change.
  • The realization that transition doesn’t happen overnight. 

Together – participants, employers, volunteers, donors, and StepUp staff, we take One Step at a Time to introduce the opportunities for a stable life.

One Step at a Time is the StepUp Sunday theme this year.  If your church would like to hear these amazing stories of positive change, please contact Suzanne Templeton, today.


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