Summer Fun With the Children’s Program

Our Children’s Program has had a fun summer so far with our summer outings.

The kids come together with staff and volunteers on Thursdays during the summer. They spend the whole day together doing activities and going on field trips filled with fun and enrichment.

One of the places we have gone this summer is Hope Reins of Raleigh, a long time partner of StepUp that provides one-on-one sessions for children with counselors and horses. The children have the opportunity to learn how to properly care for the horses and learn their individual stories. The kids always have a blast, and we are so grateful for this partnership.

We also traveled to Durham to the Stagville Plantation, which comprises the remnants of one of the largest plantations of the pre-Civil War South. The plantations belonged to the Bennehan-Cameron Family, whose combined holdings totaled approximately 900 slaves and almost 30,000 acres of land by 1860. It was an awesome opportunity for our kids to experience such a big part of history right next door to us.

Although we love to learn, some of our outings are strictly reserved for fun, such as an afternoon of skating at United Skates of Raleigh or swimming the day away at Sandlin Beach.

By participating in these field trips, it gives us the opportunity to bond with and get to know our kids in an environment outside of our normal Tuesday night program. For them, these trips provide exposure to culture and learning in a non-traditional way. The children have the opportunity to serve and give back to the community through our community service portion of the trips.

All kids in the program are required to complete at least two community service activities before graduation. This summer we served meals at Shepherds Kitchen in downtown Raleigh.


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