Car Blessing of Sarah Thompson

“I don’t have to get up and be at the bus stop at 5:30AM to get the kids to school and me to work anymore.” – Sarah Thompson, current Life Skills participant (pictured)

“I never owned a computer of my own before. The library was always a ‘hit or miss’ thing; and when you are looking for a job, that’s not what you need to have.” – March 2016 Graduate


In today’s society, it is almost a necessity to have transportation and access to the Internet without limitation. Aside from the Life Skills Program offering our participants advice and methodology on financial literacy/budgeting, spiritual development, and networking opportunities, we also collaborate with some outstanding community resource partners. Wheels4Hope and the United Way/Teaming 4 Technology partnerships have been two of the most used, to date. The benefit provided to individuals has been immeasurable and life changing. We continue to build bridges to better lives by developing new pathways to opportunities that could be just out of reach for some individuals facing challenges. We are always happy to see our participants afforded a blessing that enhances their lives and makes everyday tasks easier to undertake.

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