Employment Update

Renee was a participant who came through the Employment Program in November of 2015. She completed the week strong and started her employment journey with StepUp. After a few weeks in the program, Renee stepped out in faith and decided to move to Washington D.C. with her family. Although this was a new and challenging chapter in her life, she took full advantage of what she absorbed during Employment Week and went out and landed a great position. After receiving this position, she emailed the employment team this wonderful testimony.


"This is Renee Brewington, I attended your class back in December. I wasthe last class to graduate. I have a success story for all of you. I leftthe Carolinas in December and moved to Washington DC whereI started looking for work a week after I arrived, and thanks to you guysand that awesome resume, I received over a dozen replies and 4 interviews.I was so lucky to have all of you on my side because I received an offerfor a full time permanent position with an insurance co. I remember themock interview so well, and it served me justice because those same questionswere asked in this interview on Monday and you know I was ready... I amworking as a temp for the same people that interviewed me on Monday... Soonce again DO NOT STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING IT WORKS!!!! If you ever wantto branch out up this way to share your skills in the Washington DC area,I will be more than happy to be a part of your wonderful team.  Make sureyou tell all the other recruiters thank you for their contribution to myfuture. Please believe that GOD has shown me Favor....

Love Always, 

Renee’ Brewington"

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