Expanding the Real World

The Real World and the Employment Program have been partnering together to provide employment training for young adults starting at the age of 18 years old.  During each Employment Week, there have been young adults exposed to the pertinent information given out in Employment Weeks. So far, we have had eight young adults come through and participate in Employment Week.  These young adults were exposed to information that can lead to them being gainfully employed and maintaining employment; 50% of these young adults completed the jobs week, and 75% of those young adults have enrolled into our Real World program on Tuesday nights.

Through the collaborative work between the Employment Team, and the Real World Program, young adults have been given an opportunity that they once did not have. StepUp’s goal is to be the premier employment resource in Wake County for young adults aged 18 to 21.  We are excited about all the possibilities, and we are hopeful to see a significant increase in the number of young adults who partner with us for employment. 

Please spread the news and let any young adult you know about the opportunity available for employment training at StepUp!


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