Taneisha's Story

My name is Taneisha Bryant, and I am a mother of two. I relocated here from NYC two years ago. My journey to StepUp Ministry was filled with many obstacles and disappointments, including homelessness and having a hard time finding employment. That is what ultimately led me to StepUp Ministry.


Upon hearing about StepUp, I was discouraged and felt like this program would be no different than the others. I was terribly wrong. This program is the best thing that has happened for my family and I since moving to Raleigh. The Jobs Friends program ensured that I was prepared in every aspect to actively job search and also gave me the necessary tools to rock ANY interview. The confidence I walked away from Jobs Friends with is embedded in me forever. I am currently in Phase 3 of the Life Skills program. The consistent accountability I get in the Life Skills program to keep going and stay connected is unbelievable, even after a year of being involved. If I could start over and do it all again, I would.

The primary reason I joined StepUp Ministry was for my children. The Children's program is so dynamic, and even at 3 and 1 years old, my children absolutely love it.  The support, commitment, and unwavering love my children get from the staff cannot be made up nor replaced.

I am 6 months into the Life Skills program and have already accomplished so much: securing a stable job, obtaining my license and receiving my first vehicle, moving into my own place, networking and establishing new relationships, and receiving a host of information that will carry me through my life. With only 6 months left of my program, I am looking forward to achieving even more goals, such as home ownership and obtaining my Social Work degree. StepUp Ministry is Raleigh's best kept secret, and its time to let the world know what all they have to offer. StepUp Ministry is the best thing that has happened to me!

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