Moving Forward

On March 11th, another class of talented and driven individuals successfully completed Employment Week. It was a special afternoon full of laughter, hugs, high fives, and tears of happiness. The most memorable moment of the graduation service however was when participant, Cecilia Becoat, stood up and delivered a heartfelt poem she penned as inspiration to herself and everyone else in her class. Take a look at what she wrote.

Moving Forward…

We have indeed stepped up, transcending past our pains and onward to our purpose.

Pushing though the personal obstacle courses our different walks of life have taken us.

As we shake off our doubts and combat with fear along the way.

We've done it, yes tell yourselves “ I did this for me”…

Now trust yourselves as you move forward from here,

Never casting away our confidence, for it has great recompense for reward.

Now’s the time we must move forward, we must press on toward our marks of success.

We’re moving in favor and with the blessings of the Lord.

It’s time we stand tall, becoming the people the Lord designed us to be.

With God all things are possible, we all have the victory.

The bonds we created, may they strengthen as we succeed.

I believe our class was hand picked and weeded out intentionally.

Even the Step Up staff and each volunteer had a part to play.

Thanks for believing in us and seeing what we could not see.

Now our eyes, hearts and spirits have been opened,

No longer blinded by our yesterdays, today is grand and new.

Not only have we been dressed for success, we each wear it very well.

They say a journey of a thousands miles begins with a single step,

Well guys we’ve already taking quite a few,

Therefore keep moving forward regardless of what may come.

Our faith will be tested, our patience will be tried, yet we’ll be proven.

Never, ever give, you’ve come too far to quit or back down now.

Have a spirit of expectancy, I firmly believe we’re each about to give birth

to goals, visions, careers and dreams.

Our Step Up Team of midwives and their partnerships of Drs. and Nurses are travailing with us…Fully aware of what’s been conceived…

Let me leave you with there last few simply words, ONLY BELIEVE!!!


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