Craig Steps Up

On April 15-17th, Craig Dunkley, VP of Sales & Marketing for WasteZero and friend of StepUp Ministry, will be embarking on a 30-mile hike of the Art Loeb trail in western North Carolina to benefit StepUp. According to Craig, “I’ve been hiking and backpacking for decades, and I love it.  The fresh air, the beautiful scenery, and the sense of accomplishment after a challenging climb are all great things.  Then one day, it occurred to me that the only person who benefited from all that was me.“

The idea to harness his passion for the great outdoors and to benefit people in our community was born. Craig has set a goal of raising $2,500 for StepUp Ministry for his hike in mid-April, and has already shattered that number! Keep up with Craig’s journey on all of StepUp’s social media platforms by following #CraigStepsUp.

Check out WRAL’s coverage of Craig’s hike here:


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