Children's Program


The Children's Program would like to highlight Takiyah Bonnaparte-Watkins this month. Takiyah is a joy to have in the program she comes every Tuesday with a smile and a big hug to share. When Tikayah and her mother, Taneeka, first came to StepUp, her mother had a few concerns about her academic progress because Takiyah’s teacher shared that she was behind a few grade levels in reading. One of our lovely volunteers Ms. Ann Murray, took a special interest in Takiyah early on, and has been tutoring Takiyah at StepUp, as well as going to her school. The combination of Ms. Ann's help, her mother’s persistence, and Tikayah's hard work has resulted in Takiyah being on track to finish the year reading on grade level! We are all so proud of Takiyah at StepUp, and can't wait to see what great things are in store for her and her mother!


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