Adriene Graduates from Jobs Week and is an Inspiration To All

“Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it” -Maya Angelou


This is a quote I remember when I think about Adriene Jones. Adriene has a contagious personality and a calm spirit. Adriene started Jobs Week quiet on Monday. By the time graduation began on Friday, she was one of the most popular students. She genuinely cares for others. She shows a strong dedication to achieving her goals and taking care of her daughter. After graduating from the Jobs Week, she was dedicated to searching for a job that would bring her content and provide enough money to care for herself, her daughter, and her grandmother, whom she lives with.

Adriene maintained daily contact with StepUp Ministry during her job search, never becoming discouraged. Even after going on an interview and being turned down for a job due to not being the right fit, Adriene still maintained a positive attitude and continued her walk with StepUp. 

After three weeks of job searching, Adriene interviewed with DK&A Cleaning Services. The owner of DK&A is a StepUp Jobs Week graduate and instantly noticed the drive Adriene possessed. She was hired within a week and is working full time. Adriene has traveled to Florida, West Virginia, and Virginia to complete jobs with her new employer. She feels blessed to not only have a job but to also work for a company that allows her to travel to different places. 

Adriene will begin Life Skills in January. She is ready to start on working towards achieving the many goals she has set for herself. She is a true testament to what God can do and how He provides for us. Adriene is an inspiration to us all!

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