"License and Registration, Please?"


For the majority of us, that is a phrase that is associated with a negative experience. However, for a StepUp Life Skills participant, that phrase means that they are in the process of receiving a blessing through our partnership with Wheels4Hope; a non-profit, faith-based car donation program that turns donated cars into local blessings. The “blessings” occur in the form of participants being able to purchase a used automobile for $588, tax, tags and title, included! Hence, there is no car payment attached to driving their vehicles.

In the past couple of months, a current participant in Phase III, Elaine Bryant-Donigan, and a recent graduate, Isaac McKoy, received their keys to a new way of life that did not rely on public transportation or “bumming a ride”. Additionally, at the time of this report, another Life Skills participant will be the new owner of a Dodge Caravan after receiving her Car Blessing on October 22nd.


StepUp is proud to continue to partner with a strong community resource in Wheels4Hope (they placed their 1000th car in the Triangle on October 11th) and we look forward to continuing to work with our participants to bless them with a Program Car in the future.

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