Children's Program Leads Devotion


Madison Baker is a delightful young lady who is bursting with personality. Her younger sister, Kamryn, and she did a wonderful job leading devotion for the adults at Christ Church. Kamryn and she shared a poem titled “Say I Fail”. It was a nice treat for everyone who was in attendance that night. She carried herself with confidence and pride. We are very lucky to have her in our Children’s Program at StepUp Ministry.

Here is the poem, titled “Say I Fail”

Say that things don’t work out?

Say I fail the test?

Say I’m just not good enough?

Say I did my best?

Say my friends all snigger?

Say they think I’m mad?

Say I’m just a loser now?

Say they call me sad?

Say that I'm embarrassed?

Say I lose esteem?

Say disaster strikes again?

Say I drown in dreams?

Say I never even try?

Say I don’t begin?

Say I put it off for now?

Say regret sets in?

Say that I just give up?

Say I never dared?

Say that I look back and think -

‘I could have but was scared.

’Say I might just make it?

Say that I deserve?

Say I keep believing big?

Say I test my nerve?

Say what I imagine,

Say I see it through,

Say this dream up in my head -

Say it will come true?

Say I never give up?

Say I plant the seed -

That roots, and shoots and blossoms?

Say that I succeed?

©2009 Mark C Bird

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