LaJuan's Journey to Success


Every other week, the Jobs Team has the honor of meeting and starting a journey with a new group of individuals that are motivated and striving for more. We believe that every person who walks in the door on Monday mornings is special. There’s nothing more exciting than to see the transformation of regained confidence that happens throughout the jobs training week.  

LaJuan Webster started her journey with StepUp on July 13th and stood out from day one. She had years of experience as a driver and a distinct passion for her work as a Peer Support Specialist but was open and eager for new a opportunity. After graduating the Jobs Program, LaJuan spent all of her time searching for a job. Although it took some time, LaJuan is quick to share that “God has not only opened doors, but knocked off the hinges”. In the past few months, she has gained employment and is working three jobs. She is loving the chance to cook for students at NC State University. Most recently, she has started Life Skills, moved into a new place, and is in the process of getting a car.

LaJuan has inspired and blown us all away! We celebrate her many successes and the many more that are to come!

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