September Life Skills Graduation Highlights


On Thursday September 24th, at Christ Church in downtown Raleigh, 19 adults, along with 6 Real World and 19 children graduated from StepUp’s Life Skills program. All 44 graduates attended classes faithfully and diligently each week for the last year and were able to celebrate with the StepUp staff to make one very special evening, complete with laughter, good food, great speaking, and even a few tears of joy. Everyone in attendance had the privilege of hearing from a very special guest speaker for the night, Executive Director of The Daniel Center for Math and Science, Kirby Jones.

Using the example of retired pediatric neurosurgeon Ben Carson and Scripture from the book of Galatians, Jones reminded the graduates that they “have proven to the world and to yourselves that you are achievers, that you are overcomers, and that you are ready for success.” And that, “The qualities, the abilities, and the talents that you have used to reach [graduation] are the same qualities, abilities, and talents that you must use throughout the rest of your life in order to continue your journey of success.”

Thank you Kirby Jones, and to all of the supporters and volunteers of StepUp Ministry that helped make this special night possible!