Eagle Service Project Benefits GG's Closet

Written by Ann Hanley, co-founder of GG's Closet 

For Jake Mott of Boy Scout Troop 236, scouting has taught him that working together can achieve common and life-changing goals. When deciding on an Eagle Scout Service Project, Jake wanted to be involved in a project that allowed an opportunity for individuals to start a new chapter in their lives. StepUp Ministry and GG's Closet fit perfectly with the ideals that he has learned from being a Boy Scout. Jake visited GG's Closet to determine what project would best serve the needs of the GG’s Closet. While at GG's Closet, he discovered a great need for a mobile storage/shelving unit for shoes as well as the need for a clothing drive for men’s interview attire.    

During a several month timeframe, Jake worked on various stages ofhis Service Project.  In the planning phase, he had to measure and draw blueprints as well as present his proposed project to the Boy Scout Board.  After project approval, the next step was assembling the required materials as well as the fourteen volunteers who helped with construction and clothing drive.  Jake created a flier for the clothing drive which were distributed at the troop meetings and various businesses.  The third step was the building of the two mobile storage units and the collection of donated men's interview clothing.

As a result, GG's Closet received much needed storage units used to organize and display its shoes. Additionally, GG's Closet received numerous men's suits, dress shirts and pants that will be used to dress the Jobs Program male participants.  Many thanks to Jake for his insight, leadership and hard work that greatly benefitted GG's Closet and the Jobs Program participants. And a special thanks to Mr. Harris of Geotechnologies for allowing Jake and his troop to use the warehouse to construct the storage units.