StepUp Ministry


Participant Spotlight

5th February 2013

By Liz Glenn, Employment Counselor


WHAT HAPPENED: For Keith, high school was the rough beginning of a long, hard life. He got into the wrong crowd, started using drugs, started selling drugs, dropped out early and was eventually convicted for the possession and trafficking of illegal substances. When he was 24 years old, Keith began his 20-year incarceration in federal prison.

WHY THE CHANGE: While Keith served his sentence, a friend touched his life by sending him a Bible. This simple act inspired Keith to change his life. Rather than sit aimlessly in prison, Keith decided to start over. During the remainder of his sentence, he became fluent in Spanish, acquired his GED and applied to a prestigious culinary arts program.

HOW STEPUP HELPED: Keith was released from prison in December of 2012. Having heard of StepUp Ministry through a friend, he decided to give it a try, hoping to stabilize his life changes. At StepUp, he learned interviewing skills, how to write a resume, conflict resolution, time management, and communication skills. Through his hard work and willingness to ask for help, Keith was able to apply his newly learned skills and found a job with Newcomb and Company.

LOOKING FOWARD: Keith plans on joining StepUp’s yearlong Life Skills class. And he hopes to one day own his own catering business.